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I am going with You!

So how?

We love travels, so if you're planning your wedding in the mountains, in the forest, in a barn, in distant Poland or beyond its borders, you can definitely count on our company and capturing all those beautiful moments in photos or a film.

Being close to nature is something we adore, so a shared outdoor session is our favorite moment :)

We like it!

It happens that something inspires us...

that some crazy vision appears in our heads...

Then we can sweep you away for a moment, share it with you

and realize it together!

There are exceptions...

We definitely focus on your natural emotions. We only ensure that the right atmosphere allows you to unleash them :)

We often operate discreetly. Sometimes you don't even know that at a certain moment, we're taking photos or recording.

We don't like posing and fake smiles!

We don't treat you as business partners or models. We want to get to know you and make you feel in our company as if you were with good friends. It should be casual and relaxed.

We want to have a friendly relationship with You

It's best when You start calling us by names - we are Dominik and Marcin.

A few words about us